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Ieqp6q Pregnancy Symptoms

Did your pregnancy dreams include visions of a rounded belly, little kicks that made your own heart flutter, itchy red palms, and drooling (yours, not your baby's)? Say what? While it's true that pregnancy has its share of wonderful moments and experiences to cherish, it also has a boat load (or rather, bloat load) of less than fabulous pregnancy symptoms — including many you'd rather not discuss in public (or do in public, like passing gas) and many you'd probably like to forget (which you will, by the way, since forgetfulness is another one of those symptoms), symptoms you probably expected (like early pregnancy queasies) and symptoms you almost definitely didn't (like tingling hands…or nosebleeds…or sore gums). It's probably reassuring to know that you're not alone in your suddenly peculiar physical condition — you're actually joining millions of other expectant women who are also drooling, vomiting, and waddling their way through their pregnancies. But it'll also help to have some tried and true solutions at your (swollen) fingertips that will allow you and your belly buddies to navigate your way through the common complaints of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Symptoms

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