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Ieqp6q Fetal Movement in the Second Trimester

Fetal Movement in the Second Trimester

Ah, now we're talking — or at least thumb-sucking, kicking, and thrashing. When will you actually feel those twitterings of life known as quickening? Some pregnant women (the very thin, or those who have had previous children) first feel their baby's movement as early as the fourth month. Most women won't be aware of, or recognize, the flits and twitches (which can feel a lot like gas or muscle spasms) for at least another few weeks.

By the fifth month, most women are feeling the fidgets and squirms of their active little tenant. The baby's routines will grow increasingly acrobatic (and the punches more powerful) as those little muscles get stronger and those fledgling motor skills develop. Your little gymnast is still small enough to be able to turn somersaults with abandon within your uterus. Once you start feeling your karate kid's kicks and chops, don't panic if you go several hours — or even a day or two — without noticing any movement. At this stage and with your baby still quite tiny, it's normal not to feel regular movement. (If you haven't felt any movement by the middle of the fifth month, your practitioner may order an ultrasound to take a look at how your baby is doing — it might just be that your due date is off.)

Your baby picks up the pace in the sixth month. Leg movements will seem more choreographed, and you may start noticing patterns in the pitter-patter of those little feet (although it's just as likely that the behavior won't be predictable). Because the motion of your own body during your daily routine can lull the baby to sleep — and because you're often focused on so many other things when you're up and about — you may find that the baby is most active after you've settled down for the night (or after you have a snack; the surge in your blood sugar may give your baby a rush of energy — or when you're nervous, since adrenalin can have the same effect). When you're relaxed and more attuned to your body, you're also more likely to be aware of what the baby is up to

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Fetal Movement in the Second Trimester

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